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1.How long can i receive my goods ordered?

At YOsilk, It will takes about 1 - 2 working days to process an order before sending it out. However, if you request the customization service or monogramming service, please allow 4 more working days in the processing time. ​Once items are shipped out, we will send you a shipping email. The shipping time may vary from country to country. Please get more details via shipping-information. ​If there is no tracking number updated or the tracking information does not update for about 5 days, please feel free to contact our customer service via email

2.What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

Our confirmation letter is sent out automatically by our ordering system. Contact us immediately if you have not received a confirmation email within 12 hours of placing your order and yet have the payment charged from your credit card/Paypal account. We will confirm your order on our site and send you another confirmation email with your order number and order details.

There are a few possible reasons that could cause this to happen:

a. You have entered an incorrect or not frequently used email address when registering on our website. Since our confirmation emails are sent to the email address you registered with us, the letter will be lost.

b. You used the express checkout feature, which uses the email address associated with your Paypal account. This email address may not be the one you currently use, and it is recommended that you check both for our confirmation email.

c. Some email systems have filters that classify our email as junk mail to not get to your inbox. However, it is recommended that you look into your junk mail folder before contacting us, as there is a big chance your email system simply blocked it.

3. How can I know my orders being shipped?

The YOsilklife shipping notification email is sent out automatically by our ordering system once your order has been shipped out. If you confirmed the order status as shipped, but didn't receive the shipping notification, you may have entered your email incorrectly or it could have been sent to your spam folder. If you still couldn't find the shipping notification, please contact YOsilklife customer service via, we will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

4. How long can I receive my order?

We are pride to make sure all packages are delivered in a timely manner at YOsilklife. Please allow 1-2 business days to process in addition to the shipping times, normally it will take about 2 to 6 business days to arrive. The arrival time varies from country to country. For details of shipping information, you could check YOsilk shipping-information. If you have any other problems tracking your order, please feel free to contact us via, our team will reply you as soon as possible.

5. What can I do if I want to cancel my order?

The first thing to do is send us an email with all the necessary information or give us a call (email is preferred) stating you wish to cancel your order.

 We cannot cancel orders which have been shipped out. In other words, once you receive our shipment notice, the order cannot be canceled. Then please wait for your package to arrive and you may either keep it or contact us for return/exchange. You will have to be responsible for the postage required to send the original item to our collection warehouse. In the case of a return, your payment will be refunded to you after we confirm the reception of the order at our collection warehouse.


1.How to De Static Silk Clothes?

1) Mist it with H₂O

Since static build-up can only happen in a dry environment, adding a little moisture can help you solve your problem. You can invest in a spray bottle to help you out. All you have to do is spray some water on your clothing before you go out, just enough to dry before you head out.

2) Apply moisturizer to your body before you get dressed

Try to apply lotion to your legs or any other part of your body that experiences static cling. Please be sure to allow the moisturizer to be completely soaked in before dressing. (If your skin is greasy, it may leave a stain!)

3) Use a metal hanger (a safety pin or metal thimble work may also be OK)

Run a metal hanger on the surface and inside any clothing article. This will reduce the electrical charge by transferring the electron charges on the clothes to the metal hanger. But other small metal objects can also do the trick.

2.Why there is a color difference?

We strive to display the colors of our products that appear on the website as accurately as possible. However, the actual color will depend on your monitor; we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colors will be accurate.

In addition, different from other fabrics, silk is a highly lustrous fiber.

The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. These make the surface shine and appear to change color as the angle of light changes. Put your silk product up to the light and see how it reflects differently from other silk products. So the color of the actual product you receive may look different under a different light.

3.What is momme silk?

Momme(mm) is used to measure density of silk fabrics and provide understanding of the quality in a silk fabric. If a piece of silk with the dimensions 100 ft, (30.5 metres), by 45 inches(1.1 metres), weighed 22 pounds (9.7 kg), then the density of the silk fabric would be 22 momme.

The higher the momme weight, the higher the amount of silk used, and the more expensive and greater quality the silk is. The higher the weight in mommes, the more durable the weave, and the more suitable it is for heavy-duty use. And, the heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes.

YOsilklife provide 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm silk pajamas and silk bedding sheet.

4.What are oxford and housewife pillowcase?

There are two types of pillowcases, the Oxford and the Terse.

Terse pillowcases are designed with no flanges. You may occasionally hear the term 'terse pillowcase'. This is simply a pillowcase without a border; essentially the same as a Housewife pillowcase.

Oxford pillowcases are designed with flanges. An Oxford Pillowcase often has an opening at the back where the pillow is inserted and it's famous for having a decorative border of various shapes and sizes. It's usually mistaken to be larger in size because of its wide-stitched flat hem.

Exchange & Return

1.What can I do if I received a wrong item?

If you have received a defective or stained item or a wrong item you did not order, please get in touch with via email.

Please make sure not to return anything before sending the message so we can process the return for you and provide you with the necessary information for the return.

When sending the message, please enclose the order number, the SKU number of the item, a description of the issue, and a few clear photos to show us the exact problem.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

2.What is the status of my return or exchange?

You can check the status of your return or exchange under your own YOsilklife Account.

Most returns can be processed within 3 business days after we receive your package.

If you return for a refund, it will be issued to your original payment method within 3 to 5 business days of receipt of your item(s) or in the form of online credit. Refunds cannot be returned to alternate cards or different forms of payment. Please note that payment processing is beyond our control and it may take up to 7-10 additional business days for the funds to be credited to your account used during checkout.

If you return for exchange, the replacement order will be dispatched within one week.

Note: Please make sure to keep the tracking number or return receipt for checking.

We apologize genuinely for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your kind understanding.

3.What is your return policy?

We YOsilk understand that not every purchase works out, which is why we offer a 30-day return policy to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We've made the return process super easy.

1).We accept returns postmarked within 30 days of the original purchase date. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

2).The following items cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged: ①Monogrammed Items. ②Customized Items

3).Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, and undamaged with all original tags attached. We do not accept a returned item that’s worn, damaged, washed, or altered in any way.

4).We do not accept returned items that were sent back by you directly without checking with us first. Note: Please make sure that you will return the package to our agreed return address. Or it will affect the processing of your return.

4.Will I get full refund for my return?

We can only offer a full refund for you on all returned items that are unworn, unwashed, undamaged with all original tags attached. (exclude return shipping fee and unreturnable items).

5.Which items couldn't be returned or refunded?

We gladly accept returns within 45 days of receipt for most items in good condition. For the ones that couldn't be returned, please check below.

  • Items on Clearance & Flash Sale
  • Silk Underwear
  • Customized & Monogrammed Items
  • Washed or Used Items
  • Items over our 45-days return time

If you have any questions about this, You can contact our customer service via Email We will get back to you within 24 hours on working days.

6.How long can I get my refund?

Once we receive the returned items, it will take up to 3 business days for us to process the refund. The refund should reflect your account depending on the method of payment. If you would like us to refund the amount to your credit/debit card, that depends on your financial institution which ranges from 3-15 business days. If you would like us to refund the amount to your Paypal account that will take 48 hours.

If you couldn't receive the money in time, please feel free to contact us online or submit a ticket.


1.Do you ship internationally?

Yes, YOsilklife Ships to most countries and regions worldwide and will provide you with the tracking information after your order ships out.

Please kindly note that P.O. Boxes' addresses and military addresses (APO, FPO) cannot be delivered.

Any Questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

Note: Due to the ongoing health situation in the world, some countries have taken mandatory quarantine measures, and delivery services will be affected. You are suggested to check with your local post office first to find out if they can accept deliveries normally.

2.What should I do if the package is damaged in transit?

  1. a) When you receive the parcel, first of all, please check if the package is damaged.If the package is OK, then you are supposed to check whether the products are in good condition. If there are any problems mentioned above, please refuse to sign for the parcel and contact us in time.
  2. b) If you encounter the condition that the parcel must be signed before it can be checked. Please sign for and open the parcel in front of the courier. After checking, if there is no problem then you can give the receipt to the courier. If there is any problem, please give feedbackto the courier and contact us (It is suggested you take pictures of the package box, product boxes, products, waybill, etc. And pictures should be clear and easy to identify. )
  3. c) If you(or your client) do not check the parcel and signed, the commitment that logistics undertakes transportation risk will end. Thank you for your understanding.

3.Can I change the shipping address after my order ship out?

If you are not home to sign for your package, you are suggested to contact the carrier directly to schedule a new delivery appointment or nominate a Safe place or pick it up from your local shipping location later.

Redirect your package to another location, an additional fee may apply.
If you need any help, please contact us via Chat or through our Contact Us page, or contact our email at

4.Can i change my shipping address?

Generally, we can only update your shipping address before item shipped out. To ensure that your package can be properly delivered, please ensure that your address is complete and correct with all information including apartment/suite/room numbers.

If you need to change your shipping address, please contact us via Email

Please kindly note we are unable to cancel an order after shipment. Please keep an eye on your order status to make sure you can receive your order. 

We appreciate your understanding.


1.Why can't I check out?

You can try these methods as follows:

a. We suggest you change a device or browser and try again. Sometimes certain aspects of checkout won't display or function properly.

b. And you are suggested to try and check outusing PayPal express check out to see if that helps.

c. If you're still having trouble, you can give us the product’s link, quantity, color, and size you need, and we will send you a paymentlink for you to pay.

If you're still having trouble, please feelfree to contact our email and let us know in detailand we'll investigate further.

2.Why was my payment declined? 

We YOsilklife accepts several payment methods, such as PayPal, Apple pay, Credit Card, Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover etc).
Payment may be declined for several reasons since you paid via different payment methods.
If you paid via PayPal, and your payment was declined, you may need to:
.Confirm the email address associated with PayPal.
.Update the expiration date or billing address associated with your credit or debit card.
.Confirm your credit or debit card so we know you’re the card owner.
.Go through a security check so we can confirm your identity.
.Resolve a limitation placed on your account.
If you have trouble paying via credit card:
Please check the details of your card information to make sure they are correct, including the expiration date, cardholder name, security code on the back of your card as well as the billing address. Please ensure that you have not reached the card limit or your card is not suspended by the bank for a review.
In the case that your payment is still refused, we suggest you try another card at checkout or pay us via PayPal.
If you want to know further information about being declined, you are suggested to contact the payment method provider directly.

3.Is it safe to order from YOsilklife?

The security and privacy of your personal information are of the utmost importance to us.

All the transactions made on are secure, and we recommend using PayPal payments, which are safer payments worldwide. The padlock symbol next to the address bar of the page beginning with "https" indicates that you are in a secure setting.

We also utilize a secure socket layer (SSL) technology where any personal information obtained through is private and maintained in a secure and protected environment, and will never be released to any unaffiliated third parties.

4.How do I unsubscribe from YOsilklife newsletters?

If you do not want to keep up with our latest items and promotions, you may unsubscribe by simply clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send and follow the instructions.

5.Do satin and silk feel the same?

Silk fabric gives you a smooth and soft feel, but the satin has a little bit of rough texture.

6.What is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100?

Oeko-Tex certifies non-hazardous end-products and all of their components. Products that carry the Standard 100 label have been tested and proven free of harmful levels of toxic substances. By contrast, GOTS certified the organic production of raw materials such as cotton, flax etc.

7.How many silk worms does it take to make a dress?

It takes 1700 to 2000 cocoons to make one silk dress (or about 1,000 cocoons for a silk shirt).

8.Why is silk so expensive?

Silk is very expensive because of its limited availability and costly production. It takes more than 5,000 silkworms to produce just one kilogram of silk. The farming, killing, and harvesting of thousands of silkworm cocoons are resource-heavy, labor-intensive, and costly processes.

9.How is silk cloth prepared from silkworms?

Five steps in Chinese silk making process.

1.The silkworms and mulberry leaves are placed on trays.

2.Twig frames for the silkworms are prepared.

3.The cocoons are weighed.

4.The cocoons are soaked and the silk is wound on spools.

5.The silk is woven using a loom

10.Do silk dresses look good on everyone?

While they may seem like daunting wardrobe pieces, believe it or not, silk dresses can actually work on any body type—you just have to know which cuts and colors flatter and accentuate your assets.

11.Is it good to sleep in silk pajamas?

In the first place, silk is a natural fiber that's extremely soft, comfy, and smooth, making it an ideal choice for a good night's sleep. Further, silk also enables your skin to breathe and is less likely to cause rashes or irritations, particularly if you choose loose-fitting luxury silk pyjamas.



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